As a soccer player, you will have a preferred foot you use for dribbling, passing, shooting – playing in general.

With your primary foot, you are familiar with the ball, how it feels and how you can manipulate it – this is your comfort zone and remains so because you use it all the time. Your repetitive motions means your behaviour with that foot is instinctive

This is down to muscle memory and familiarity with the ball. It is also why it is important to learn proper techniques. It is so you don’t have to spend time thinking about how to kick the ball but can focus on where other players are and where you want to place the ball. It also makes it more fun! 

Your other foot tends to be weaker than the one you prefer, so you don’t use it in games making it almost useless. But leading footballers always try to strengthen both feet.  The only way to improve your weaker foot is to consciously practice with it.  

Start by practising a specific skill with your weaker foot., passing for example.  Repeat this until that foot becomes comfortable with the ball and the motions it needs to learn.

Then move onto the next skill,  the more you practice moves with your weaker foot, the stronger it becomes and the more instinctive the moves will be.

Get together with a few friends this summer and organise a kick about where you all play with your weaker foot!  It’ll make for interesting challenges and some fun too! Then see how you get on when you get back on the field.

A few tips for creating the right muscle-memory:

  • Use your instep when passing the ball
  • Use the top of your foot (not the toe) for striking kicks and keep your toes down
  • Aim for the middle of the ball when you kick 
  • Follow through with your leg after striking
  • Lock your standing leg to make your kicks more stable

Take a look at the goals below for some examples of how to turn your weaker foot into a strength!



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