Meet Simon

Simon is one of the founders of Future Sports and still very much involved in both the business operations and an active member of the coaching staff.

He is dad of 2 to Ben and Sam and says “I’m very proud to have these amazing little guys in my life, keeping me on my toes every single day! seeing them grow into young men is a pleasure – Future Sports coaches in the making!  Having great support is essential, my wife Sarah has been brilliant nothing short of outstanding.  Having a great team of coaches is also something I’m very happy with, after all, we cannot do this by ourselves!”

Favourite Sport


Favourite Sports Team

Man Utd!

Most Admired Sportsperson

Paul Scholes, he has done some wonderful things and had a very decorated career!

Proudest sporting moment

Would have to be seeing my sons grow into fantastic little sports people. They have been the drive for me at Future Sports.

Biggest Coaching Buzz

Development. Training is one thing but when you see the children listen in training and then do what we have practised on the pitch it makes me very happy!

Funniest moment

There have been so many over the years, I really wouldn’t be able to put one at the top. There have been some very funny moments though, these children never fail to entertain!



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