Meet Ryan

Ryan Stevenson is one of our student coaches and is popular with all our kids. We wanted to get to know him a little better…

Tell us about yourself Ryan!

“I have been with FutureSports for over a year now and have enjoyed every moment! I currently study Sports Studies at the University of Hertfordshire. ”

Favourite sport:
Football first, closely followed by cricket.

Sports Team:
Big Arsenal Fan

Fave Sportsperson:
Messi, absolute genius and is fantastic to watch! The things he can do amaze me!

Proudest Sporting Moment:
Playing and winning against Arsenal ladies as a 15 year old. Also helps that I scored a goal as well!

Biggest coaching buzz:
When you have a great session that goes exactly as planned without any hiccups!

Funniest Moment:
When I’m coaching 2-4 year olds and they have a smile on their face and laughing. You can’t help but join in the laughter



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