Celebrating Ben Stokes


 Last night Ben Stokes won BBC Sports Personality of the year following a triumphant year after they won the world cup in thrilling fashion and he was man of the match.

The game itself was one of the most exciting games of cricket every seen but once the excitement has died down, it is still a great sport. 

Here are the Top 3 reasons why we think cricket is great for kids. 

It gets them moving – moving lots of different muscles as they tun around throwing and catching the ball in the fresh air. 

It builds resilience – this is a key personality trait for future and none of us get it perfect every time. Dealing with that is a part of growing up and will help kids develop resiliance they nede for the future. 

It is great for concentration – by focusing on a fast and quite small ball they can learn to focus their attention which is a very useful skill in life. T^his can be especially helpful for children with ADHD as this concentration can improve their attetnion in other areas of their life too. 

If your childrent would like to try cricket out, send them along to one of our holiday camps so they can have a go. 



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