Why sometimes it is good to go back

As our football fan students know, Gareth Bale has recently returned to Spurs. “I am happy to be back and love this club with all my heart. I’ve had great memories here and l feel very happy and confident. My energy levels have gone up,” Bale told Sky Sports’ Geoff Shreeves.

Bale has had some great success in football, winning 4 Champions League trophies with Real Madrid, but clearly something had gone wrong there. The fact he talks about an increase in his energy levels, is very insightful. Sometimes we keep going with something because we feel we have to, or because we are afraid of going back but he has made a brave decision in his return and one that we hope will see him return to top form. 

A return to Spurs has been seen by many as a chance for the Wales star to rediscover the Bale of old, although that will have to wait until he is fully fit and ready to play. 

As he says “I just want to enjoy my football. In Madrid it was a bit flat for a while, which l think everyone could see. When you are not happy, it’s difficult to play at your highest level.”. 

This enjoyment aspect of key for anyone playing sport – it is easier to play something well when you enjoy it. This is why we try to make all our classes and our holiday camps as much fun as we can, because when you enjoy something you perform better!

Another thing we love is that he  still comes across as a decent guy.   The day after Bale made his return official, Head of Player Development, Mason bumped into him at the complex. The pair reminisced about old times (they knew each other from his first time around at the club). Mason says “He was as he was before he left. You think, he’s come back with Champions Leagues and La Liga titles under his belt. But he’s still the same humble guy.”

Bale, for instance, is still turning up in his Adidas tracksuit, a regular source of amusement during his first chapter that he has carried over into the second.


“I think maybe that might be the biggest thing younger lads at the club can learn from him. That players get to that level because they don’t let stuff get to their head. He’s done what he’s done in the game, but he’s still himself. He’s not changed one bit.” 



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