Andy Murray’s legacy

Andy Murray’s legacy

A modern tennis hero Like many, we were sad to hear of the premature retirement of Andy Murray, at just 31,  after 2 years fighting a chronic hip injury. Arguably, the greatest British tennis player of the modern era with a glittering career we wanted to take some...

Sports Personality of the Year

Sports Personality of the Year

The sports personality of the year is one of the most prestigious awards as the British public chooses their annual sporting hero!

Iconic sportspeople – Michael Jordan

The mistakes maketh the man! He is a living legend who played 15 seasons in the NBA.  He considered instrumental in the global success of the NBA  in the 1980s and 1990s. His achievements include six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, ten scoring...

Inspiring Footballers: Didier Drogba

He’s been referred to as the “ultimate big game player and although he has retired from international football, Didier Drogba’s heart will always belong to his home country, the Ivory Coast. Many say he is the greatest African footballer of all time. But he is a winner off the pitch as well as on it. Through various charities and philanthropy projects, the football legend is focusing on rebuilding the education and healthcare systems in his home country.

You Are Awesome

If you are looking for a book that builds confidence and is empowering then mindset author Matthew Syed has your answer with You are Awesome.  A positive thinking book that inspires young readers with practical advice, enchanting stories and real-life...

Badminton Tips

  Badminton is popular with our camp attendees and so we thought we would share some helpful tips! THE LOW SERVE A low serve is how many start and will land the shuttle at the front of your opponents court. To do a low serve: Hold the feathers of the shuttle with...