3 Great Soccer Tricks to Try at Home

We know our soccer kids love to learn and practise tricks at home so we thought we would share a few great tricks we love to watch players do on the pitch.  

These videos are not by us, but they show you some of our favourite moves – we look forward to seeing you doing them next time!

Roll Over

The roll over allows you to keep hold of the ball, and move it into positions where your opponent cannot win it,

You can practice this at home. It may help to lean against a wall with your shoulder as though it is an opponent. Practice rolling the ball with your foot, moving around and getting into position to make a killer pass. You aim is to keep your balance and learn to move around while in control of the ball.

Drag Back Turn

The Drag Back is a useful soccer trick you can use to quickly change direction, avoiding your opponent.

It’s a great move when you are surrounded by other players, with not a lot of room to move. This video shows you how to do it.

The Cruyff Turn

This is an evasive football move that was named after Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff (A soccer legend from the 70’s who made the move famous during the 1974 World Cup).

His “Cruyff turn” involves dragging the ball behind your standing leg before turning around. See the video next to this for him in action on the pitch and the one below for a tutorial.

As he told Kickabout’s (and now Blue Peter’s)  Radzi Chinyanganya “You play football with your head and you use your feet. So it’s always the situation, what you see, and then react,” he explained. “It’s always fooling your opponent. You want him to do what you want and then you can do what you want. Use your eyes and fool your opponent.”

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