Fun games to play at home

As the warmer weather fades away and we are at home a little more – it can be hard t gets off their devices. Here are a couple of games to get them moving about in the house!


One player is the robot and another the robot maker.  the robot has to follow every instruction from it’s maker (or controller).

The robot has to follow the instructions literally – so walk forward they should keep going until they bump into something. 

If it it too complicated to understand the robot should say ‘Bleep, Bloop, Does not compute!” and stay still until revised instructions are given. 

So if told to ‘make a sandwich’ they will need to be given specific instructions to do this. 

Using a fun voice, staying in character and simply saying does not computer as the robot can relieve tension if instructions are not clear.  As the controller, if things aren’t working it can be more entertaining to ‘try the on/off button’. 

Make sure the controller doesn’t get them to do anything dangerous or hurtful.  If the robot feels uncomfortable at any point they should ‘lose power’ and slump down to say they are not working any more. 


This can be a fun game to play. Someone shouts floor is lava and there is a 5 second count down. Everyone must be off the  ground before it gets to zero.

Make it harder by having a goal they have to get to without touching the floor. 


Criss cross crepe paper across the room with small gaps. 

the aim is to get from one side of the room to another without ripping the paper. 


Got a delivery coming?  Turn the box into an animal by making holes for feet and arms . the amazon arrow makes a great smile or you can draw your own on.


Cut holes in a box and give them numbers or colours. Then you throw balls into the box. You can use a dice to select the hole you need to get it in to or choose different coloured balls (also a good game for little ones to match colour) 







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