Wimbledon Season is here again and tennis fever has once again gripped the nation. If you want to create the next Johanna Konta then here are a few tips.

As well as sending them to coaching clubs, get them to watch it on TV!

Get the right racket size. The racket should have about a one- to one-and-a-half-inch clearance from the ground if the child holds it out to her or his side from the handle. If it touches the ground it’s too long.

Get the right shoes – Non-marking, non-running shoes are best for tennis quick stops and starts. Shoes with a flared sole are not good for tennis because the side-to-side action of tennis may cause the child’s ankle to roll.

Invest in a console game like Wii Tennis so they can practise their skills at home

Have fun – Learning to play the right way makes the game more fun. Do not focus on hitting the ball “in” or “out.” If a young player’s form is correct, that is all that matters.

In time, results and success come from the best form which becomes instinctive due to muscle memory.

She may not be at Wimbledon this year due to her pregnancy, but Serena Williams will remain one of the greatest players of our time so here are a few tips from her own childhood coach!

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