Sports Party Ideas

As many of you know, we also run sports parties for kids and so we wanted to share some ideas on making those parties even better!


Find somewhere that has an outdoor bit you can use if it’s nice enough, but also given the British weather you need a backup plan. Local halls in Hatfield like Roe Hill and Lemsford are great as they have the versatility with indoor and outdoor space.


Make sure you include the date and time, the location and someone to RSVP to. We have a couple of sporty themed ones you can use here.


If we run a party, we keep the kids entertained with a host of small games and formal coaching but there are lots you can do yourselves. 

A football assault course to practise dribbling that includes the pins and a large croquet style targets to aim though (again pool noodles are good for these).

Play tennis or badminton games where children hit the ball on one side and then run to the other for their next go. Get them to work in pairs to get balls or beanbags through a hula hoop. Encourage team games such as volleyball over a net (use a beach ball to make it softer for younger kids or indoors)

Create a photo booth by printing their favourite sports balls out and sticking them on a piece of cardboard, then cutting around them. YOu could get more creative with names and writing.

Apple Bobbing meets Hook a Duck…have them play a game where they have to get a clean tennis or cricket ball out the water with their teeth and they can win a prize!

Other quick games and races include:

  • Climb into the sacks and have sack relays
  • Running relays
  • Egg and spoon races using wooden spoons and tennis balls
  • The kids can have conehead races by wearing the orange cones


It depends on how much effort you want to go to but here are a selection of fun ideas:

  • Bottled water is important if kids are active. Make them more interesting with sporty stickers and their names on each bottle. Etsy is a great source of well-priced labels.
  • Biscuits that you decorate as balls from their favourite sport. Using rolled icing for the cover and icing pens for detail!
  • Create medals with fruit strings and golden oreos. Unravel the fruit loops and carefully take one side of the oreo off. stick both ends into the oreo and put the side back on.
  • Healthy snacks may include the traditional orange segments or satsuma ‘basketballs’ or you can make homemade smoothies and serve them in clear plastic cups that guests can name or decorate themselves buy them at amazin)
  • For a multi-sports theme have jars with footballs (the chocolate sweets), basketballs (cheesy orange coloured crisps), cricket balls (aniseed balls) and tennis balls (rolled marzipan)
  • Get plain cupcakes and decorate with party toppers or chocolate balls. Buy coloured cupcake cases you can draw on to make look like a sports ball.
  • Cake pops are great and you can roll them in coloured icing and use icing pens to give an impression of sports balls. Lay them on shredded green tissue paper or rice dyed green to give the impression of grass.
  • Create crickets bats and wickets out of icing or marzipan for fun snacks. Or serve green jelly, with a red smartie or icing ball and lolly tick as the

The layout can also be important. Get a green tablecloth and draw white lines on it in the shape of their favourite pitch.

Use tennis balls balanced on a sparkly ring of sellotape or bottle top with a hole in the top to slide placenames or food descriptions in!  

Get a clean basketball and split it in half to serve snacks in.

Used themed labels such as half-time snack’ of tennis teasers.

Party Pinata

The pinata trend has really taken off, so look for sports-related pinatas in the shops or make your own football one they can kick like a football.


It depends on the party but we love this Surprise pinata football cake and you could adapt it to the sport of choice.

Party bags

Sports themes sweet cones can be great, fill them with sweets the colours of their favourite sports team or black and white for a generic football party.  Whistles are great (but other parents may not thank you!)

Look online for drawstring bags if you like to avoid bags of bits or give away footballs or basketballs.  Another great option is a water bottle that they can use on the day!

Whether you use us for the entertainment or give it a go yourself, we hope your child has a fabulous birthday!

Want us to run a Sports Party for you?

(sorry we don’t do the themed food!)



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