Badminton Tips

Badminton is popular with our camp attendees and so we thought we would share some helpful tips!


A low serve is how many start and will land the shuttle at the front of your opponents court. To do a low serve:

  • Hold the feathers of the shuttle with the head (rubbery bit) facing to the floor.
  • Position your racquet between your body and shuttlecock.
  • Step forward gently on your right leg (or left leg if you are left handed)
  • Flick your racquet onto the shuttle whilst pushing your thumb in the direction of where you want it to land as you let go of the shuttle. The power comes from the flick and the push of the thumb



The right way to hold your racquet is as bit like a handshake! Imagine the grip of the racquet as the other persons hand and hold the racquet as if to shake it. Your thumb will rest on the wider surface of thr grip as the rest of yoru hand wraps round. This can give you greater flexibility in your risk resulting in more accurate hitting of the shuttlecock.

If you grip too tightly, you’ll have less flexibility.




In badminton there are different stances depending on what you’re expecting to do. The attacking stance is used when you’re looking to smash the shuttle.

  • Get behind the shuttle
  • Turn your body to the side (so you are 90 degrees to the net)
  • Place your legs wide apart
  • Raise both arms
  • Put your body weight onto your racket leg
  • Hit the shuttle

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