If you are looking for a book that builds confidence and is empowering then mindset author Matthew Syed has your answer with You are Awesome.  A positive thinking book that inspires young readers with practical advice, enchanting stories and real-life examples.

Matthew Syed is a two-time Olympian, Times journalist and best selling author. He writes to empower children to fulfil their potential by helping them to understand the benefits of a Growth mindset and how to develop one.

As the author himself says “Children need to understand that it is positive to look silly from time to time. That putting your hand up in class when you don’t understand something is cool. That standing in front of a large room of people is daunting, but hugely liberating, too, because what is the worst that can happen? Even if you fluff your lines, the world continues to turn. Richard Branson and Albert Einstein flunked their exams, but lived remarkable lives”

Engaging, humorous and relevant for all young people, this is a great read for us and our kids!



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