5 ways to help kids develop sporting skills

May 16, 2019

1. Celebrate all successes

Whenever they show promise or do well, even playing in the back garden or the park, let them know how well they are doing. This reinforcement will make them feel great and encourage them!

2. Make practise fun

If they are repeating particular skills ti get better, try to come up with a fun game that you can use to make it more interesting whilst still developing the skill.

3. Foster a Love of the Sport

As well as teaching them the rules of the sport they play, you can watch games on television with them. Help them support a particular team or player to heighten increase, they will learn from watching and it can also increase the desire to play and practice in real life.

4. Boost their confidence

Especially important as children learn a new sport, make it easy for them to do well when they are practising.

5.  Support their practise and games

It is great to help them around develop skills at home, but if you can make it to games and practices to show your support – this really means a lot to the children.



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